Best Ways to Find Strong Topics for Dissertation in Law

One of the hard parts, and arguably the most confusing, of writing a dissertation is choosing a topic. But a topic you must choose – and you’ll need to start thinking of one as soon as possible. Your dissertation is an important part of your program; without it, you won’t get the degree you’re studying for. In this article, we will take you through the steps involved in law dissertation writing and give you ideas for interesting topics.

Steps involved in writing law dissertation

Like everything else, the process of writing a dissertation in law follows a due process; they are as follows:

  • Choose a topic: Without an engine, a car cannot move; likewise, there is no dissertation without a topic. The first and important stage of law dissertation writing is choosing a topic.
  • Research: Read up and wide on your chosen law dissertation topic. Remember, this isn’t just a thesis; you will need to read in-depth, gathering as many resources as you can. Your dissertation must be information-rich with no iota of plagiarism.
  • Organize and plan: As you research, pen down important and relevant pieces of information, organize them, and keep them in a place you can easily access them. You may want to divide your dissertation into chapters at this point to make writing easier later.
  • Write: When you’re done researching and have everything you need, it is time to start writing your dissertation. Meanwhile, you must have begun writing some salient points down while researching. These points will form the basis of the entire write-up. Also, you may need to write as many drafts as possible to ensure you don’t miss out important details in your paper.
  • Proofread, edit, format: Read your paper and ensure it is in the required format; each law school has its standards for writing a dissertation. Also, check for and correct writing and grammatical mistakes; you can also give other people or your professors to read. They can serve as law dissertation help for you.

Three questions to ask when choosing law dissertation topics

When brainstorming for the perfect topic for law dissertation, there are certain important questions to ask to make things easier.

  1. Why are you studying law in the first place? Knowing your purpose for applying for this law program can help you know exactly what you need to work on.
  2. What aspects of law do you enjoy the most? Law is wide, but there must be at least one module that you enjoy studying the most. Begin with this area, looking at the topics covered in it for inspiration. You may also discuss with the professor or lecturer that took the module.
  3. Does your potential law dissertation topic have enough information on it? Since you’re writing a dissertation, you want a topic with much information so you can write exhaustively on it. You want a topic that is wide enough to provide sufficient information but not too wide to delve deep into.

Law dissertation ideas for research topics

We’ve tried to demystify the process of choosing a law dissertation research topic and writing on it. Let’s help a little further by providing inspiration for topics that you can work on.

Contract law dissertation topics

  1. Contract law history
  2. Differences in jurisdictions
  3. Judicial flexibility

Criminal law dissertation topics

  1. The history and evolution of death penalty into the legal system
  2. The implications of environmental crimes in the legal system
  3. Racism among criminals in prisons

Dissertation topics in business law

  1. Pitfalls faced by businesses pursuing regular lease
  2. Difficulties of obtaining commercial lease
  3. Importance of a termination agreement

International law dissertation topics

  1. Challenges and opportunities for international investors
  2. Effectiveness of international tribunals in hearing and convicting war criminals
  3. Piracy law

Law dissertation topics human rights

  1. Human rights in the AI age
  2. Communication rights in relation with human rights
  3. The role of NGOs in advocating human rights

Medical law dissertation

  1. Scope and jurisdiction of medical law in named country
  2. Analyzing the concept of medical cannabis
  3. Moral dilemmas in decision-making in medicine

In conclusion, choosing a topic is the first most important aspect of writing a law dissertation paper. Thus, with the tips and guidelines in this article, you can go ahead and choose interesting research topics for dissertation in law.

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